Could you and I be cured?

My life, after 12.5 years of Migraine, my life went back to normal- no pain- after a rare diagnosis.

Hello friends,

It has ben so long since I’ve written for you and I did not mean to leave you hanging.  My blog posts are real and I am always sharing my vulnerabilities with you.  Writing and reading has been very difficult for me all these years. In fact I am re-learning to write and read.

I have been trying to write in my blog, with this update, for weeks. BC I could not write I took a video but couldn’t  post it.

I have some amazing news and I truly hope this applies to you.

Last summer, my migraine specialist of 12.5 years said she could no longer help me. I was getting much worse and was in the ED a bunch of times leading up to this.  My migraine specialist refereed me to Barrows Neurological Institute, which is located in downtown Phoenix, AZ and is rated #1 in the world for neurology and back and spine treatments.

I was thrilled to have them assess me and my case.

June 8th was my first tele call with my new Barrows neurologist. She asked me me few simple questions…Where was I and what was I doing when the. Migraines came on.  I told her that James and I were off-roading in his truck through the desert here in AZ.  The migraine hit me within 20 minutes of the drive. We had 20 more minutes to get to our destination. By the time we got to our desired location I was screaming and vomitting. It scared me to death.  I went home and took 2 pain pills that I had left over from a knee injury.  I can say firmly that they did not even tough the migraine.  I was in the ED the next morning.  I shared this with Dr. Robblee (my neurologist and she said….I”I don’t think you have chronic migraines, I believe you have a spinal fluid leak. This means trauma induced this spinal leak condition and migraines are a side effect.  I had never heard of a CSF leak (cerebral spinal leak) and she told me its a newer diagnose and not aware in the medical community. Many doctors, headache clinics and hospitals do not know about spinal leaks which leads to under-diagnosed migraine patients misdiagnosis. The good news folks- if you get the leak fixed- YOU CAN BE CURED OF MIGRAINES!!!

After my first call with Dr. Robble- she diagnosed me correctly within the first 10 minutes of our call.  AS you can imagine- the possibility of being free of these migraines and medication side effect, I was thirilled!  

July 13th, 2020 I had the procedure to fix my spinal leak. They do what’s called an epidural blood patch.  They take a lot of blood from your arm and by using a big needle they take that blood and insert it my spine.  I was on the table in OR, awake and within seconds of the blood gong up my spine and with in seconds all of my pain WAS GONE! Holy toledo! I laughed, cried, screamed and yelled that I was pain free!  The surgical team all clapped their hands and we’re so happy the procedure worked. Folks..I was pain free for 4 months!

During that time I went through medication withdrawals.  I had started to drop dosages on my my migraine meds bc I didn’t need them any longer.  I am telling you I felt so FREE to live my life again and to get back to normal!  The blood patch worked and I was cured!

In January of this year, I started having daily headaches.  They got worse over the next few weeks and the pain turned into a non-stop migraine. I spoke with my neurologist about this and she believes that I have a small leak in my blood patch and that I should have another patch done.  Now- pls know there is a 3 month recovery with this.  Others who have had the blood patch done, only have a week or a month recovery.

I went in to St. Jospehs hospital, which houses Barrows Neurological Inst. and had my second blood patch, this past Friday. It is very common for those who have blood patch, to have a few patch to cure long term.  The most patches a person has had was 6.  I am hoping this is my last one.

That day, my medical team determined I need a test done called a Meylogram CT….has anyone else have this test? They started with a lumbar function and removed fluid for testing.  Then they put contrast in my spine. Next up was a CT so they had to ensure the contrast was all up and down in my spine.  For the Meylogram, I was strapped to a table as they moved me up and down and side to side, to spread it.  My surgeon said, when they put me upside down, to get the contrast into my brain, it would be very uncomfortable and could cause a migraine.  Great. It hurt so bad when they put me upside down that I blacked out.  They did the CT and found no leak (the Meylogram tests measures pressure in the brain) and can show the exact location of the leak so they could target shoot it. Many leaks do not show up on imaging…even the best imagine available.  Doctors usually go by a patients symptoms, which are specific leak symptom. 

I am doing much better today after sleeping 72 hours.  I know this headache I have now is from the contrast dye and the tipping me upside down.  I want to get my life back…like we all do. DON”T GIVE UP.!  We are some of the strongest people out there.  WE shall OVERCOME!

CSF Leak symptoms…

If you had trauma and your migraines began than or they began at a later date…you could have a spinal leak.

If you feel drainage in your throat or nose…you could have a spinal leak.

If you have an “Upright or Positional migraine ….you could have a spinal leak. 

An upright or positional migraine is where your pain gets worse as the day progress and hurts more when walking, standing or sitting and feel a lot better laying down. 

This is a life-changer. They say that 5 ppl out of 100,000 migraine suffers have a leak that could be fixed and get their life back…I believe that number is too low. I am confident that there are many more ppl who have this leak.  As I mentioned before this is a new diagnosis and not well known to the medical community. I had to go to the best hospital in the world to get diagnosed with a leak.  My life mission is to bring more awareness to spinal leaks.  I am writing a book, creating web-sites and will create a non-profit to help migraine sufferers with essentials and finding health care.

There is so much I want to tell share with you but will have to do so in other posts.

A CSF leak (spinal leak)  can be fixed!  It is a miracle diagnosis an is giving suffers their lives back- without migraine pain!

Thank you for continuing to follow me.  I want to hear from you…we all need support. I feel very sad and lonely.  Do you have the symptoms of a leak?  If you see a neurologist for this make sure they know something about spinal leaks or even that their willing to learn will be the way to go for you. If you see a doctor who does not know about the CSF leak diagnosis and symptoms will mis-diagnosis you, if you have a leak. 

I am praying for all of us!  It feels good to talk to you all (well communicate in writing).

Has anyone else had a Meylogram CT or a blood patch?  I want to talk with people who understand me….like you.

I love you all.

Thank you for being there for me

I am always here for you.

I will never stop fighting for more research to be done to help all of us find answers. 

Bye for now,:)

Sunshine Kimberly

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Holding on or is it better to Let-Go?

Yesterday, evening, around 4:00 pm, I started to feel anxious, irritable and my nose became very stuffy, and I knew then that I was in trouble. It was happening again,…my migraine-headache pain is breaking through my medications and I felt it would hit me hard overnight. I went to bed and just asked God to please let this one pass….

I took a Maxalt, Phenergan (for nausea), 2 pain pills and 2 Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is my go-to anti-inflammation OTC medication. I am also given Toradol and will take that after a small dose Ibuprofen wears off if the Ibuprofen hasn’t helped. Sometimes Ibuprofen and pain pills will do the trick. I take a probiotic every day and surly each time I take an NSIAD, to protect my stomach lining. I also take Prednisone when my pain is at a #6/7 as my first line of defense to see if it takes the migraine away and if not-that is when I go to the hospital. I normally go to the hospital when my pain level is a #7. I am too afraid to wait for until my pain rises higher. It takes time to check in to ER and get back into the room and wait for the nurses, then the doctor. So usually by the time I am given medications, my pain is at an 8 or 9.

I have been bad.

There is something called ‘Self-sabotage’ where one can think, ”I’ve done so well, I deserve a little more, or I deserve to be bad or I deserve a treat” …these are the type of tricks that your brain will play on you. And it got me this time.

I was doing so well, and posted about it in previous posts! I have done exactly what get’s a lot of people in trouble…and that is I felt so good, I stopped doing the things that keep me from having break-through pain and was living life like I do not have Migraine disease. And damn that felt awesome for the last week! Not to have to worry about the maintenance my life takes just to have a some-what of a normal day (normal for me). Looking back on this past week, I went about my business if I was not sick at all and f&*k it has felt great! I have not worn Celafy in a week, only have done yoga once in the last two weeks, have not been meditating intentionally (although I’ve been writing and creating a lot recently and that is a form of meditation for me) and have not been sleeping well at all.

I do have a support system, here in AZ and back home in MI. I lack support from 2 of the most important people in my life, or rather they are tired of supporting me (it has been 11 years for peets-sake, I sort of get it). My Brother does not ask how I am feeling. I don’t even tell my family when I am having an episode much less when I have to the hospital. They have no idea how sick I am, how many down days I have and how often I have to seek urgent medical care. They are men and perhaps they can’t be bothered. My Brother pretty much told me he “could not be on this roller coaster with me”…sad but true. Thinking back I am really hurt he said that to me. That conversation broke my heart. That was 1.5 years ago and I’ve not said anything about my migraines since. My Dad, his wife, and my brother and his family came to visit last year and my conversations with my Brother were very shallow like or I guess you could call it “small talk”. I feel so far away from my Brother. We are very different and I hurt him when I moved out west when he was 18. Our Mother had recently passed and I think he felt abandoned. So there’s that. 

My BFF is sick with alcoholism. And I feel like I am giving and giving. Yes, she is a great person and I love her like a sister, but she has a disease she does not want to cure. Lots of drama and I find myself carrying her secret and making excuses for her when she behaves irrationally or stupidly. Her choices have led me to develop space between us and I have made new friends who have values and likes similar to mine. I needed too to bring joy into my life. 

I have lost a few of my close friends because they either can’t handle loving me when once after I got sick than did not get better or have moved on because I am not on the same page (I am referring to income mostly) nor do I have the connections or even cool stories about my old career anymore. Or they don’t agree with the medications I am taking…it’s an endless list. My friend told me I was using “drugs” to mask my pain so why should it be any different from her using alcohol to soothe hers…but sadly she is a full-blown, life falling apart, about to hit rock bottom, alcoholic and it kills me to see her like this. I don’t particularly like smoking medical cannabis. I like it because it has taken my pain patch doses down from 275 mcgs-50 mcg to date since I started smoking the flower. I have gone off the patch before and my pain is quickly there to show it’s ugly face. I don’t like how it makes me feel (sometimes like a Zombie and I can get silly). Medical cannabis compliments my medical and alternative care routine that I and my doctors have all agreed on and have prescribed. This medication is helping me feel less stressed and have fewer episodes and also have less headache-migraine pain. Medical Cannabis helps to keep me out of the emergency room.

Have you lost people you cared about or thought they’d be there for you or you thought they were a good friend,..then one day…poof…they are not in your life as often, then even less and less? 

Any disease is hard for an outsider to understand much yet be around. It scares people about the possibilities of what can happen to them. Some people are confused and will need help as to how to help you. Explain to your tribe how you’d like to be treated when you are ill and how to support you…even if that means them leaving you alone. They need to know how to help or else they will feel helpless and will create distance from you. 

“When someone is ill you feel sorry for them. But we’re all busy,” Dr. Feinberg says. “We say we care and things like that but the reality is, except for our immediate family, we don’t want to be reminded of our own mortality.” Source

Migraines are not an aging disease, it attacks people of all ages in various degrees. You don’t get older and get migraines unless you do. And God be with you if you do. My point being, you can get sick with chronic migraines at any age. No one is protected a100%. 

I wonder how many people I have become acquaintances with or I’ve met a friend of a friend and have wanted to get to know that person more, have not been interested in being my friend due to me having a chronic disease…

On the other hand, I do have much support in my life and I know I am very lucky. I am not wealthy money speaking, but I have a wealthy life including an amazingly awesome husband and a well trained cuddly soft doggy, both bring me comfort and support. And I love where I live. 

My clients and friends and some of my family are all always there for me,…without judgment. People share with me an article they read that could be helpful to migraineurs or a new drug that helped a migraineur they know or a new technique or therapy. This could happen a few times a week to once every couple of weeks and to be CLEAR…I am grateful for everyone’s input and suggestions or sharing their stories with me. I feel very loved. 🙂

Who do you desire support from the most? Is it possible for them to give you what you need? Can you make revisions of your requests if needed, could you spread out the support you need and get it from several people, so it’s not on all one person? A church or religious or spiritual organization, specialized groups (card clubs, book clubs, hike with friends who are on your level) are great ways to get involved with the people in your community and meet some nice supportive friends. Usually, people want to help and groups want to help. I participate in online bulletins and blogs for migraineurs to talk to each other, no matter the location. I also attend a church and a yoga class that is very supportive and it’s social time which his very important for people with an invisible disease. Always share your experience so others can learn from it, good or bad, we all need help and we should be open to that. I listen to stories and read stories of other’s sufferings and people’s success with chronic disease, especially those with migraines. 

I am not grateful for how some of my family is still punishing me from moving away when I was twenty-two (24 years ago). As I said above, my Mother passed and she was loved by so many. She was an Angel and surely is one after death, wherever she may be. When I moved away it was another loss for my family, quickly after she passed. I moved to Colorado where my BFF lives and she had also just lost her Mom. I moved in with her and her fiancé and we all supported each other dealing with grief. I needed to get away from my family which leaves me feeling g overwhelmed. I felt immense guilt about that leaving but I was figuring out who I wanted to be and also trying to meet my own needs..trying to live and heal, where I felt the best. I think I still have a lot of guilt. But I needed to go where I could grow, plant roots and create a life for myself as a young woman. I moved back to Arizona about a year later and have been here for 19 years. I found my peace here and I very much enjoyed backpacking in the backcountry or finding new adventures and experiences. I knew I needed to be in AZ, I could/can feel it in my heart and soul. This place is beautiful…far from what Detroit could offer. 

I am so glad I traveled and took risks in my youth because I am restricted now. It’s too late for anyone to do the things they love and if it doesn’t happen perfectly, as you play it out in your head, it can be uniquely perfect for you! You have the power to be who you want to be, be creative,… be British for a day and have an accent (I have done this and it’s great fun!).

We lose people throughout life. There’s that saying…friends are for reasons, seasons or for a lifetime. Remember that …it’s not always about you and what you did wrong. And changes like this to happen in our lives on the regular. 

I found that my tribe (my supportive friends and family) better supported me once they understood my limitations, and it is truly imperative to tell your support group what you need when you’re in chronic pain. Tell them what type of support you need. Be clear and sincere that “this” is what you need. “People want to help, but when it comes to the relationship between the non-sick and sick can divide you if the non-sick is confused or even afraid of knowing someone with a chronic illness.” Dr. Feinberg says. Source 

My friends and I plan things to do earlier in the day because they understand I run out of energy early in the day. They have no problem with that. They know I am asleep around 2:00 p.m. so they don’t call, and I am grateful for that. They know I can’t go to loud places and I am afraid of sunlight (I love the sun and how it makes me feel, but only for a short time). We will go for morning hikes and walks, meet for coffee, turbo shop at thrift stores, we create things and do projects such as Vision Boards or setting goals and creating accountability. They don’t expect more than I can handle. 

“Many people with chronic pain, myself included, look to others for validation and understanding,” says Rebecca Rengo, 52, a St. Charles, Mo., resident who suffers from several pain conditions, including fibromyalgia, and is the author of Beyond Chronic Pain. Source

Most people are caring and giving but if they are not sick they cannot understand what it is like to be chronically ill. It takes a lot of energy to get people to understand and that is very tiring. If you don’t have the support you need from others, turn that around and give the support you need to yourself! Give yourself credit, validation, support, empathy, and strength. Hug yourself and tell yourself “I love myself” Be your own cheerleader (I am always cheering myself on!).

Be kind to yourself, find your tribe. Invisible illness does not have to be isolating. 

Be the best you, you can be and you will be richly respected…we all can be someone who seeks opportunity, remains joy-full, fighting for love and life and start living life on YOUR TERMS!

Thank you for sharing this sacred space with me. 

With love and care for all those suffering…


Note* I usually post my new blog entries every Tuesday/Wednesday, so I apologize it’s Friday and I am just getting this one out. I was a busy week but I will focus on being consistent. :

Kimberly Fisher

Note* I usually post my new blog entries every Tuesday/Wednesday, so I apologize it’s Friday and I am just getting this one out.  It was a busy week but I will focus on being consistent. 🙂

Finding your peace

We live in a highly populated tourist area, in fact our town get’s about 5 million visitors a year. That’s a whole lot for a city that has just under 20,000 residents, 19.2 miles of land which is mostly Red Rock country and National Forest. Sedona is more beautiful to me than any other site I’ve seen in my travels. The gorgeous Red Rocks in Sedona bring me much needed calm. Wether I am staring at them or living within them, it is here I left back home for, 23 years ago 

(I still get the “guilt trip” for moving cross country.)

Twenty-three years later and Sedona’s Red Rocks are what people come from all over the world to see.  It is the most popular it’s ever been. Most say it’s better then seeing the Grand Canyon (GC), as when your at the Grand Canyon you can look down, but you cannot clearly make out the rocks unless you hike down into it. The Canyon becomes more alive the further you decent.  The bright red rocks lite by the sun, the clouds that shadow over them or experience millions of years of rock formations.

Down there you can imagine yourself as an early dweller, a pioneer, researching and playing in the GC before it became what it is today. When I am down there that is how I feel. It is very quite below the rim. This is my Sanctuary, the Grand Canyon, and one of my favorite things to do, one of my favorite places to be. Being in the (GC) and in the inner gorge is like being in the middle of no where. It’s exactly what you’d fear in your nightmares; being alone, with no one or nothing around. Almost as if you are the pin dropped in the hay stack…good luck finding your body should something go wrong. There are popular hikes, like in the corridor trails, then hikes for those that like more challenges (and less crowds) such as having a dry camp or carrying your own water; no bathrooms and there are zero showers when camping down there. It’s likely you will not see anyone while hiking the other trails.  The GC is not only gorgeous and filled with millions of years of history, if you hike on the less populated trails, there is no one but you out there!  It can be freaky but I feel elated and free. I  am free to roam anywhere, smell the fresh air and take in the geography and great weather. I swim in the rivers and creeks and lay relaxing on the beach. I let the warmth of the sun radiate into my body and warm my skin. It can be comfortable in the elements. I read, think out-loud, plan goals and fight the many challenges of being down in the Inner Gorge. 

When I am in the Grand Canyon, I walk miles and miles and it brings me internal peace, it is like no other feeling I’ve ever had. No where to be, no time frame, just walking…step after step after step. I just keep going, sort of like I keep fighting my disease, each and every day. Or rather not letting it get me down. 

James and I

When hiking I feel light, in body and mind. This feeling I compare to eating the Italian dessert Cannolis that were homemade by my family every Christmas season, when I was young. 

I feel pleasure in so many ways when I am in the GC.  It is where I feel at home, enjoying the moments that come and getting to know more about myself. 

Now you may be wondering…what do I do, out in the middle of the no where, if I get a migraine? Right? The answer is I have never had a migraine while in the Grand Canyon. I have been in the emergency room, 10 hours before, and as soon as I hit the trail and breathe the fresh air,..I am fine. I may have to take a few meds but I have never had a debilitating migraine while hiking there. So many dangers but such great rewards, if you can navigate them. IF I had to guess, I’d say I’ve been in the hospital, the day before a trip to the GC, near 7 times. Something in me shines like laser beam when I am down in the Grand Canyon and healing begins. 

Within the chaos of life and certainly in my own mind, I crave peace….Like I’ve never been satisfied. It’s a thirst I have every minute of every day…for my mind to slow down, for it to be still.  Well, I find that peace in open spaces; the desert, in a forest or swimming in the  ocean. I cannot feel closed in. Wow..I am just thinking of my chaotic filled life before I had migraines and how I thrived on the chaos, excitement, adrenaline filled experiences, the bright lights of America’s greatest cities, and living in urban areas clustered with shopping, Art and University. I do love all that,… but I can no longer live in it. 

Sedona, has gotten so big and just nuts with people and traffic; that it now causes me harm to be here. A very sad moment for myself as Sedona was and probably still my favorite place in the World. 

We are leaving Sedona and moving just outside of Sedona where we will have a few acres.  We are currently building a “mini-home” and it will be ready for move-in in December. In a few weeks we will be moving onto the property for good, but since our home will not be ready we will be living in a family member’s travel trailer for 2 months. When it’s all said and done, we will have made 4 moves this year…between May-December. 

It’s ok. And actually I am sort of having fun with this adventure!  I have cultivated a feeling of “OK, this is only temporary, enjoy yourself and overcome the challenges, with grace and ease”. I had foot surgery during these moves, I’ve had migraines so bad that I’ve need to go to the emergency room several times. Last week I had a panic attack that I am. Now feeling relief from…God those are scary! But I am OK. 

Fortunately, I have found that as long as I have my medication and natural remedies, then I can survive and thrive in any situation. My doctors recognize the severity of my illness and as I don’t want to lay in bed all day, screaming in pain and not having a life…they can empathize and they want to see my succeed. I’ve been going to the same emergency room for the last 11 years. They know me now and they see me suffer and it affects them (probably because they see me so often and know I am the real deal).  I am suffering from debilitating pain and pleading for mercy. So I have always had the medications I needed to have to have, what I would consider a decent life.

I know how lucky I am too have found the right doctors for myself and after years of seeing them for care they are invested in my wellbeing. I hear from so many people how they cannot get the medications they need and that they are stuck in bed all day.  I can relate, I was there in the beginning when I first got sick. No doctor wanted to touch me because they knew a heavy amount of pain medication would be required to help me. I had to go to Phoenix to find my doctors (2 hours south). My migraine doctor asked me to go to rehab to get the drugs out of my system to see if I was having true migraines or if I was having re-bound headaches from the pain meds…which can be worse as you know! UGH!  I was released in 72 hours. The doctor at the rehab facility called my migraine specialist and said that she needed to make room for me to see her “today” because I had been off my meds for 72 hours and I felt like I was dying. 

Early on, I had spent time in two different hospitals. They each ran all sorts of tests and therapies to get to the bottom of my pain. They were switching out pain medication cocktails every 6-8 hours because nothing seemed to work. Those were horrible days…God to think back and to think how I’ve come. My migraines are still as severe but I have created a lifestyle around them that allow me to have a life that is fulfilling for me.  Oh…and my diagnosis, Chronic Migraine Disease without Aura, cause is Stress. 

Years ago, I had to stomach the realization that I will no longer be able to do certain things, things I had always hoped to do…I had to change my goals, change my friends, change my family and had to come up with a new career. I am on social security disability, which has been a blessings all these years. Yes, thank you God. But I need to make more than what they give me. I can only work part time and if I make to much money than I could lose my benefits and my medical insurance. Its pretty tricky but I’ve got it all figured out now.

Find your sanctuary…find a challenge that you feel confident you can achieve. Believe in your self. Be curious. Be safe.  Hire experts to help you or ask someone who has experience, if needed. 

What brings me peace is very different then what others may wish for. Stop suffering and find something that makes you SMILE… You are stronger than you think you are…always and in every circumstance.  What excites you? No really, truly what do you want in you life that will bring you joy?  I am always asking myself..”how does this make me feel or does it bring me joy”? If not I get rid of it and if yes, then I keep it. This can be related to friends, family, hobbies, your work or anything else that can strip you of joy.  PUSH THE DELETE BUTTON on things in your life that do not bring you joy. 

Phoenix Rising…this should be you.

-What choices are you making? 

-Do they serve you or are they know longer serving you and  your life?  

We’ve got to roll with the punches (as they say) with our lives and make changes, perhaps day to day.

I encourage you to find what brings you joy and go after it.

For me, I am going back to the Grand Canyon to backpack it next year. I am counting the days. For now, I look up and thank my God for all I am able to do. He helps me focus on what I can do…not what I cannot. And I have found that there is plenty I still can do!


Note* my last post was about the panic attack I started last week and is still somewhat with me. I have discovered that sipping on chamomile tea during the day, does helps to keep me calm and it also helps to quite my brain!  I chose natural options first and this one seems to work. I fill up a large coffee tumbler with 2-chamomile tea bags, 1-ginger tea bag (a natural pain reliever) and 1-green tea. I drink 2 of these concoctions a day. And at night? Sleepy time tea can be very helpful as well. I hope this helps. 

With grace and ease we shall proceed.

With love and care…


It’s happening… NOW

Feeing relief with Celery

I just hurried home from a doctor apt. (my new natural path) as while I was explaining to the doc my migraine history and I was feeling fine. Then it hit me like a bullet in-between my eyes…F*&K…is this happening again?

Side bar: I have been having migraines between 3-6:0 pm for the last 3 days, today being the 4th day and it hit again today earlier at 1:30 pm, while sitting with my doctor discussing the renewal of my medical marijuana license. Needless to say, she approved the renewal.

I briskly left the office and got into my car. I took out my pill case and took 4 ibuprofen, an RX for nausea and 3 pain pills and desperately headed home. The sun was bright and my eyes would only open a little. It was hard to see as my eyes would only open slightly. I started to perspire and slightly panicked …I knew I had to get home asap or I would have had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. It is fortunately a quick drive home so I knew I could make it. I needed my Celafy device and my cannabis as these are my acute fixes as well as ongoing use preventable remedies.

This recent migraine path has thrown me for a loop. It is very different than what I am use to. I am curious as to what has changed?

I am here, in my dark home laying on the sofa.  I am wearing my Celafy device but have not smoke cannabis yet…it’s hard for me to write when I smoke. I wanted to be as real as I can with you, sharing with you, in real time. I am finding that while writing this post I do not focus on the pain. This is so true for me; the more distractions I have while in pain, it takes my focus slightly away from the pain because I am thinking about something else. This helps me sometimes. 

Pain is at an 6..and if it reaches a #7 I will go the ER.  —I am grateful we live close to our local emergency room. And that’s on purpose!

My body is so tense and yet fatigued at the same time. I feel have too much energy and can’t calm down. It’s not productive energy, it’s more like nervous energy or pain energy. I am all wound up because I am scared. I am really very scared. I do not know how long this will last.  Will it last for 3 weeks or 3 months? What do I have to cancel tomorrow morning if I do not feel better soon? Again-screwing up my day.  But look, I am use to this. Really I am. I have crafted a lifestyle that helps to keep me calm and feeling good,’s been nearly 12 years since I’ve been dealing with this beast so I have learned what I can and what I can get away with. I never have packed days because I won’t schedule my days like that. I do what I can handle and I am so use to living with this that nothing really upsets me anymore about having migraines. I am never shocked.  I have not given into my disease. I am a fighter for all things I am passionate my life for one thing. I have always been a doer. I learn from things and move forward with faith, hopefulness and excitement.  No doubt, when I go down, I really go down. And this does happen a lot for me but I feel my attitude helps me adapted to this debilitating life and the Lion in me fights for a better one.  One thing is for sure…I have faith in myself.

I think I should go take the rest of my medication…so I will stop writing and rest.

I will say that it is important to try and look for the ROOT of the cause of your illness…that is not in Western medicine …to look for the root. Western medicine (from my experience) manages symptoms mostly.  Natural-path doctors and Function medicine doctors search for the root cause that is causing the illness. For years and years I have wanted to see one of these doctors as I was hopeful they could find the true cause.  But, it comes down to $$$. Medical insurance will not and does not cover Homeopath or Natural-path treatment (which is absurb and ass-backwards if you thing about it).

The Natural-path doc I saw today encouraged me to seek this kind of treatment and I hope to see her again when soon. When you are on social security disability and are only able to work a little, for myself I tend to do the treatments my health insurance covers. I do what I can but my health care is not the only responsibility, although my biggest priority, I have a husband, we just bought land and are building a home, I care for our high maintenance dog (God love him!) And I run my own business (and trying to develop that).  I have friends and family who I never see that I’’d love to reach out too. No one calls me anymore…they let me call them when I am feeling ok to talk. Lonely, but realistic.

Do what you can for yourself. Do not be depend on others, all the time. Depend on yourself. Be positive and focus now what you can do, not what you can’t.  Have a good attitude. Take advance of what you have…use your body to move as much as you can. Keep your mind sharp and healthy by learning new and exciting things. Read, listen to music, meditate, breath, stretch, relax, be calm…but always be who you are 100% of the time. Replace the judgment you carry of yourself and replace it with curiosity. What can I do? What can I become?

Ok I am all out of steam. I must smoke my cannabis so I can eat and sleep now.

With love and care,



How the other-half suffers.

It has been a serious emotional 24 hours.

James and I are building a mini home on a property (1.7 acres) that we purchased last August. Before I go on…I want to say that we have felt very blessed with the purchase of our land and home. Everyone around us has helped this dream come true. We feel very loved and supportive. I am extemley happy about this, but the path to get into our home has affected my marriage negativly, as I imagine those other couples who build a home, can relate.

We moved out of our leased town home and are living in a friends Casita. We leave here in two weeks to move onto our property, God Willing. We will live in a travel trailer for 2.5 months while we wait for our home to be ready. Also, we have to leave the property for 7 days while they do the major installation, this means we will have to stay somewhere for a week. This means 3 moves this year. Our belongings are at friends and families homes, infact I can’t keep track of where it all is. Seasons are changing and I am going to need to find is my Fall/Winter clothing. Where the hell our those bins?

Any who…so sorry for my rant, but thanks for keeping with me.

My point being that the reality of all these moves will has affected our health and our work. It really hit James yesterday…

James has a lot on his plate. He takes care of me and also our dog and he works nearly 10-15 hours a day. I have had increased amount of “break through” pain so far this year, however, the amazing change in my migraines has been that they are not lasting as long as they have! Could going off the pill 4 months ago, helped? Hmm. I wish someone would have told me to try this…anywhere along my 12 year journey with this devestaing life ruining disease (thus far).

James pays our house bills. We live in an area where his income is capped. So he either needs to work more or find another way to structure his business. We had a long discusssion and he really vented…he broke down right there in front of me. I was watching him verbally crawl into the fetal position while he was trying to express his feelings.. :(..omg= this just killed me.

James is very fatigued from working so hard these last 12 years, from eithering working or caring for me and our dog. On his days off, he is often taking me to the Emergancy Room which ruins his day off when he could have gone climbing.

Climbing is James’ medicine. In my opinion and he will admit, he has ADD or ADHD, Anxety Disorder and chronic stress (never medically diagnosed) climbing is healing for him. While he’s climbing he is so focused on his moves, he doesn’t think about anthing else and this helps him relax and de-stress. It is also about exercise, consistent training for his sport and his all over health.

James has the age of 46. His adventures and high risk sports he has performed over the the last 25 years (climbing, canyoneering, trail running and mountain biking), have left his whole body hurting with arthtritis and pain (not diagnosed). He’s been naseaus for months and he is scared of that. He is always exhausted, has no time to play or focus on his own health. With his business, as a Personal Trainer, he cares for many people who has ailments and he can usually correct many of his clients issues with exercise or stretching and he practices these techniques on his own body.

James has no medical insurance…we simply can’t afford it. And we are just above water….barley…James needs healthcare. His glasses are 7 years old, he wears one-day disposable contact for 6 months, he needs a physical and blood tests. He needs a new veicle, we need to develop our property. What I am trying to say is that my husband is breaking down. He is broken and I feel I can not support him like he needs. With my health and health care, which takes a lot of attention and time, for both of us, has left James feeling helpless. I have medicare and I use my health care benefits. I am 46 and on Social Security Disablity (since I was 36). I have all the health care I need (and thank God I do) and James has nothing.

My chronic migraine disease is aiding in my husbands break down. I can’t work more than I am (I do have a small business that I am building and I am hoping to be be up and running, full time). The first thing I am doing once my business profitable is getting James health insurance. When we look for James to get insurance under the current Obama Care offered, it would have cost us $800.00 per month. What?? We do make that much to warrant that. In fact, I don’t know how we could be charged so much, considering our finacial circumstances…it all sucks, up and down, round and husband is breaking and I will do anything I can to help him. I give James lots of love and affection and we have a great sex life. Recently, with this property build, we have not been intimate. There has been to much to do with the house and working and caring for our high maintaince but awesome dog, friends homes and clients… we have had very little time to play or be together alone. It has been a rough year thus far.

James said to me yesterday, regarding our cicumstances….he said it’s not me- “it is the circumstances that suck”…well the circumstance are me and I am the reason we are stuck. I lost 12 years of professional income and we have gone through all of our savings. My husband is broken and it just kills me. I am so sad about this. He is so upset about our life together. Make no mistake, James is the most amazing, loving, empathic and supportive husband I could have ever imagined. I have to put everything I can into my relationship. How to I do that being sick all the time, working and trying to heal. I am tired…always. My energy has gone done on the medicine I am on. As it is, I need to rest or sleep for about 16 hours each day. This leaves me with little time each day to be productive. And if I have an episode then I am down and can do nothing. I am not much help.

What else can I do for James? I ask you what has helped your spouse deal with your illness?

James has been worried about me since the day my first migraine occured and since I was diagnosed. He put on hold his buisness and lost 12 years of his prime young adult time, all for me. He has put his dreams on hold, to care for me. He has had a worry knot in his stomach, constantly 247, for the last 12 years. There is a constant fear that I will get sicker and not be able to work at all. That would mean devestation for us. He is a 247 care taker and he is always worried or stressed (never ending stress) just to take care of my/our needs.

I love you James…you are my world, I want you to be happy and if that means I need to set you free, so you may be freed and happy, than so be it. I understand I am a burden.

James needs to find peace and balance in his life. He says he’ll never leave me. He says it’s not my fault getting sick with migraines, but it is my needs that are overwhelming. I am so grateful for James. I will always take care of him, in the way I can. I love you James with all my all my being and soul.

I could never repay James for the time he’s lost in his life. I will do anything I can to help heal my husband. He needs me. I need him. We need each other.

I pray our relationship will heal and that James can find a way to make more income by not working as much. I pray for his health and happiness. This is a hard year for us with building the house and all that goes with that and all the moves we are making.

God, hear my prayer…I ask for a more conective realtionship with the man I love. Somehow we have grown apart. We are distant. I want our loving peacfeul relationship back. I want this more than anything. Please help us and I promise You we are doing everything we can. We are commited to doing whatever it takes. I can’t lose my husband. I will fight for his happiness and the freedom from being miserable. I want his soul to heal.

Thanks for for being here in this space with me. I am wishing you a good day today. Fight to have a fun day. something special for yourself today…even for 5 mintues. Focus your efforts on fighting through the pain and living your life as best as you can. You’ve got this!!

-Your friend, Kimberly

My mantra- feel free to use it…

“I practice the Art of Living by sustaining Inner Peace”

Note to readers…I clearly am a horrible speller so please bare with me 🙂